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If this is your first visit, welcome!  Trinity Angels was born in the late nineties out of my love of the angels and my dream to introduce any willing person to his/her very own guardian angels.  Please be sure to pop by the About Us section to read more.  As you flip through the pages of this site, you will see there is a multitude to read and see and do. 

I am very actively doing private angel sessions and coaching services (and trying to grow my client-base) so please, do not hesitate to order.  I will get in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. 

Make sure you check out my blog.  Always lots of good information and motivation there.   You can find me here:  Bobbe's Blog

You will also find little "Tweet" buttons throughout the site.  If you are a tweeter, I'd love for you to share this site with others.  Thank you in advance!!!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bless each of you and thank you for visiting!!!


Recently we were notified that Google has discontinued as our sponsor. We were getting too much traffic and they felt financially at risk. I am looking for a few good sponsors to place small advertisements around the site. But right now, if you feel so inclined, please donate to keep Trinity Angels positioned on the net. Thank you so much! ~With love, Bobbe